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can you make it available for Mac?

a mac build is planned for future updates 👍


thank you 



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I love the concept. Unfortunately, there’s like a 1-second lag between the moment I start screaming and the moment my character screams in the game, which is frustrating!

Can’t wait to see some updates!


thanks! sorry about the lag, that's a known bug i'm still wrestling with! fortunately your eyes are already peeled but hopefully i can squash that bug soon 🙏


Hey mate, will it be possible for you to make this available for android. This game could be helpful for my mom to release all kinds of stress. Thanks

mobile builds are planned for the future for sure! it might be a while, but I'll reply here as soon as it's done 👍


this game is good!

thank you!

no probs bro!

time to boil piss <33333

boil piss is yes so good

i love boiling piss

It won't read my mic and there is no collision on anything

ty for the report! There shouldn't be any collisions between the player and the world, that's v much by design. Can you tell me your mic setup.?

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I have a mic in my Webcam as well as a USB Codec (that's what it says in settings) and it is an AT2020 hooked up to a behringer Amp 

I also tried switching the input in settings and nothing changed.

huh, that'll have me stumped for a while I think 🤔  ty for the thorough response, I'll be working on fixing it for as many people as I can

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I was singing reggaeton while destroying everything... So yes, i had fun. 

Thanks for making this HELO100 <3


update now available! details in devlog <3


yooo this SICKKKK






Suuuuuper cool art style!




Nice concept, its 3am while I'm playing so I had to use the "TAP On MIC" technique :) How long did it take you to make?


About 2 years on and off!


hell yes


the art style freaking rocks! can't wait for future updates, it did feel good to scream! 


even just this itch page has a really cool design. I'm super excited to play this!

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im like dying help me

was screaming fuck at everyting in game


𝖘𝖈𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖒 𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖊. :)


I love the concept and the artwork! But sadly it isn't working for me :( 

But anyways I will wait for your update, and don't be afraid to reach out to the community for help. 

this didnt work 4 me at all :((


Damn, i'll try to play it cuz my PC can't run these games, but i'll try.


buy rtx


the game really doesnt work for me that good i cant destory anything which is a shame since this looks amazing but eh-


ah hold tight! I'll be trying to fix the problem soon, so keep an ear out for updates



taking note of the common delay issue, planning to get that fixed and mac/linux builds soon! 


Thank you for this little gem! I had a ton of fun giving it a try!

I had the same issue that some others have reported about a delay in the audio, so I had to edit that out in this ~3 minute video, but otherwise a lovely idea!

Thanks again!


It really do be like that sometime

Kotaku wrote an article about your game however doesnt work for me. I can hear my voice after a 10sec delay but nothing happens. Windows 11/Soundblaster AE5 if it helps, cool idea though! Happy Thanksgiving as well.


OMG i really needed this, THANK YOU


Mac M1 build please


Make a build for linux also,

Does not work for me, sadly, nothing happens when I scream, but I do like the concept.

dang I'm sorry! I'll be working on reliability for the next version, so hopefully it'll work for everyone then


With my PC/Win10 is the same, I can hear my voice only. But is to be expected that it doesn't work 100% at this early stage :) Really love the idea! If I could help out in any way with bugfixing this by giving any info, just reply.

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I love the concept ! (I was a bit on the edge today and it genuinely helped) However I don’t know if it’s normal (probably not) but I had a ~10 seconds delay which kinda defeats the purpouse of the game.

huh, the delay is weird! I'll keep an eye on getting that fixed in future builds, ty for the feedback! 


seems a different kind of game. sorta new. the description made me laugh. XD

yo dude,a question before i play,can i still scream at the camera if i have a audio send thingy?

like basically,if i talk it can be sent trough i nstuff like voice chats,but i dont have a microphone close to my mouth,so i have to talk loud.can that work?

i'm afraid you'll have to try it out and let me know! it should pick up whatever audio input you can use, so fingers crossed it works for you

Aight ill try it

didnt work damn,maybe you could add a chat system


My build was having trouble but the UI design is incredible and the overall design of the whole thing is so ridiculously cool. Great job!


Really cool concept,

had a blast playing

Imagining all the little powerups amd challenges you could have, like a sound high score or smth like that.

its just good :)

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really cool mechanic, even cooler artistic inspiration

tho, if ya can’t speak to the experiences of 'disabled folx, marginalised genders or PoC'... can you really speak to the experiences of cis-hetero-white-men? (regarding the medium article)

Not trying to hate or backlash, just honest criticism :) 

my favourite punk music has a lot of self awareness and ultimately comes from a positive place, and I almost get that vibe here but there's just a hint of venom behind the project that, to me, is a little off-putting!


I anticipated some backlash to this idea, but if you’re not upsetting somebody then what’s the point, right?


the experiences of cis-hetero-white men is considered the norm for the majority works of fiction and in many social spaces. of course, nobody can speak for what it means to be somebody else, so there is that aspect. everyone has their own personal struggles in life and their own perspective on suffering. but marginalized groups are considered "outside of the norm", and most often not given the space to speak up or have the spotlight, unless we take it by force. and then we're being unreasonable. so I assure you that marginalized groups know what it's like to be a cis-hetero-white man much better than cis-hetero-white men know what it's like to be marginalized. this game is not for you.


I'm not a cis hetero white man and I enjoyed the game... I think it probably is for me?

I just don't like the idea of throwing one massive group of people under the bus so another group can feel better about themselves. It adds fuel to the fire, promotes divisiveness, etc...

¿Cómo destruyo todo? <3

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i like this prototype ..dont have micro ...please make version keybord soun

ah thanks! i'm working on a way of using keyboard input that replicates the feeling of a release of frustration, but it might be a little while as my technical expertise is not very good 😅

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;D no problem ..this idea game so cool :P hope look full story yeahhh


A keysmash would work wonderfully, in my opinion. Although it may be damaging for keyboards.

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