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you ever get so frustrated you just want to scream? me too! 

however, that's not generally very socially acceptable or effective, so i made this toy to work out some of that anger. 

use arrow keys to move around, and use your microphone to yell at everything until it's all gone and you can have a nice float. (if you don't want to shout, that sort of defeats the point, but you can blow or tap on your microphone for much the same effect.)

keyboard and microphone required to play! 

this is very much a work in progress made by a solo dev (with lots of help and advice), so things will be a little clunky.  i'll be polishing and editing this whenever i feel like it, so keep an eye out for sparse updates! 

(important note: this build doesn't work 100% of the time but you can alt+F4 out and try again)

if you'd like to know more about the inspiration and purpose behind this game, read more here: https://medium.com/@helen.odell/that-really-boils-my-piss-3813f4fe2069

hopefully, you have a go at this and then feel a bit better for a while. 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
Tags3D, Low-poly, Physics, Relaxing, Short, Singleplayer, Soundtoy
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Genuinly cathartic, did a lot of screaming the last couple minutes!!
The artstyle and direction is sick and I love the idea!!! Amazing job!!


I can't seem to get it to pick up my microphone input, even though I made sure I selected the correct one in the settings menu.

I really love the concept though, all too relatable as a woman in gamedev having been stuck in toxic environments in the past!


aah i'm so sorry! it seems to just not work for some people, and i haven't been able to figure out why :C 

i'm glad you like the concept though, i feel ya! 



I can't get this to download anymore. :c Any chance you can reupload?


I'll have a try! Itll be in a few days as im away from my pc atm, but ill set a reminder


hokay, i've reuploaded now, let me know if it works! 


Extremely late here but yup it seems like it's working now! Thanks!!


good game i like!! big scream

ourple lady


please consider my piss boiled

Absolutely loving this concept! I really thought it was longer, but the short experience left me looking forward to whatever it becomes in the future! It was the second game i played in this compilation, very fun! :D



This screaming mechanic is hilarious!  Gives a Let's Player lots of options for funny content!  I need more things to scream at and destroy please!!!

This game is basically: "I'm mad, so FUS RO DAH!" I like it!


Nice game! I had a lot of fun screaming, playing, and recording it. Art style is great, sound design is nice. I didn't beat it the first time for some reason so I tried again and I got it. It would be fun to have a larger area to destroy with screaming, and I could imagine losing my voice over it, lol.

Good stuff devs! Looking forward to more updates/projects.

Check out the video and my channel: VladMan.


Absolutely loved the style + music in this game! There was a little bit of a delay sometimes between my voice and the character reacting, but otherwise super fun :D

(I start playing the game ~0:27 if you want to see gameplay of it!)


i dont even know what to say about this game but im dissapointed




Finally got to play this in a video - I love the concept and the art/style/theme is really nice! :DD

*Repost, I messed up the last one oops* 

Haha, I absolutely love how satisfying this is. Did not realize I needed this in my life! Love the art style too!

I might be missing something but I can walk right through objects and off the map.

oh yah player collisions with the environment are off, so you don't also get bonked into space while yelling. not the ideal solution but it mostly works! 


This is such a great concept! There's something really satisfying about watching those boardroom bros clatter to the floor


omg "until it's all gone and you can have a nice float" <3

can you make it available for Mac?

a mac build is planned for future updates 馃憤


thank you 



(1 edit) (+2)

I love the concept. Unfortunately, there鈥檚 like a 1-second lag between the moment I start screaming and the moment my character screams in the game, which is frustrating!

Can鈥檛 wait to see some updates!


thanks! sorry about the lag, that's a known bug i'm still wrestling with! fortunately your eyes are already peeled but hopefully i can squash that bug soon 馃檹


Hey mate, will it be possible for you to make this available for android. This game could be helpful for my mom to release all kinds of stress. Thanks

mobile builds are planned for the future for sure! it might be a while, but I'll reply here as soon as it's done 馃憤


this game is good!

thank you!

no probs bro!

time to boil piss <33333

boil piss is yes so good

i love boiling piss

It won't read my mic and there is no collision on anything

ty for the report! There shouldn't be any collisions between the player and the world, that's v much by design. Can you tell me your mic setup.?

(1 edit)

I have a mic in my Webcam as well as a USB Codec (that's what it says in settings) and it is an AT2020 hooked up to a behringer Amp 

I also tried switching the input in settings and nothing changed.

huh, that'll have me stumped for a while I think 馃  ty for the thorough response, I'll be working on fixing it for as many people as I can

(1 edit) (+4)(-2)

I was singing reggaeton while destroying everything... So yes, i had fun. 

Thanks for making this HELO100 <3


update now available! details in devlog <3


yooo this SICKKKK






Suuuuuper cool art style!




Nice concept, its 3am while I'm playing so I had to use the "TAP On MIC" technique :) How long did it take you to make?


About 2 years on and off!


hell yes


the art style freaking rocks! can't wait for future updates, it did feel good to scream! 


even just this itch page has a really cool design. I'm super excited to play this!

(1 edit) (+4)

im like dying help me

was screaming fuck at everyting in game


饾枠饾枅饾枟饾枈饾枂饾枓 饾枓饾枖饾枟饾枈. :)


I love the concept and the artwork! But sadly it isn't working for me :( 

But anyways I will wait for your update, and don't be afraid to reach out to the community for help. 

this didnt work 4 me at all :((


Damn, i'll try to play it cuz my PC can't run these games, but i'll try.


buy rtx

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